What is Post Shame?


Building A NEW GENERATION OF leaders by rejecting shamelessness and Embracing BEING "Post Shame"

The act of being #PostShame is finding something in your past you worry could be leaked online, getting complete with it, sharing it on your own terms and committing to a stance of leadership in that space. 

Who can use #PostShame?

Anyone who wants to be a leader and help others heal their own feelings of shame.

An example involving past drug use could be...

"These are the drugs I've done, these are the drugs I'd do again, and now having admitted that, these are the drugs I'd like to see decriminalized, and these are the types of addiction treatments I think we should focus on."

An example involving explicit photos or recordings could be...

"I know there's a sex tape of me out there.  I'd like to state publicly that I do not consent to its release.  The release of the material is not newsworthy, breaks no laws and I'm sharing this with the hope our society starts to see the release of explicit materials without consent as an act of sexual violence."

An example involving money troubles could be...

"I spent my early career as a restaurant server and my gratuity-based income for years was higher than I reported on my taxes.  Here are my tax returns.  I'm releasing them here to start a conversation around tax policy and to admit that I had no idea how to do my taxes then and would like to advocate for people in the same situation I was in AND advocate for real living wages and simplified taxes as I think it would help rectify income inequality."  

An example involving past sexual misconduct could be...

"After examining my past I realize I've behaved inappropriately in my professional environment and made people feel uncomfortable.  I've apologized to each of them and with their permission and help am willing to engage in an active dialogue around the fact sexual harassment isn't about sex, it's about power.  I didn't know that before.  I know that now.  I'm sorry.  While admitting this I'm sure there will be more experiences to come out that I didn't notice or have forgotten about.  I invite those people to come forward and help build this dynamic conversation.  I am committed to listening to the experience of my colleagues while I was their superior.  I wish to remain in leadership and be a stand for equality and safety in the workplace while we have this conversation."

PostShame.org is the resource page for the #PostShame movement.